• Have a Boomerang Life Tea Party this July!

    Book a Boomerang Life Introductory Tea Party for your facility this July and let us demonstrate how this program will challenge and cognitively stimulate your residents!

  • This Father's Day...

    Give him the gift of an active mind! Boomerang Mind products stimulate cognitive exercise and recall- perfect for those with Alzheimer's and dementia!

  • Engage the Brain

    Find out which areas of the brain are engaged when seniors process the rich images and stimulating questions in the boomerang MIND DVD products.

Video Resources

Journey Cards Demo

What is a Journey Card and how does it work? Discover how visually rich images, fun facts, and thought-provoking questions are combined to aid memory recall.

Product Demo

Get a first-hand look at how Boomerang LIFE brings Person-Centered Care to new heights by fully engaging the minds of seniors. See the magic for yourself!

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